Rebuilt concert grand piano


The hire Steinway D - 1996 rebuild. This piano is hired for many concerts in Sydney

With reference to the image, please note the following;

  • The small radius of the hardened front duplex bars
  • The low string approach angle to the capo bar (under 15 degrees)
  • The new string scale is clearly evident at the lower end of the second string section (from the treble end), where the bridge cap leans back towards the hitch plate to accommodate the 10 mm longer string length of the Overs scale length (adjacent to the bar at note D54).
  • The individual tuned length rear duplex blocks can be seen on the hitch plate. The nominal duplex lengths used for this piano (from the treble down) were as follows;

    - 6 notes @ 100% of speaking length - unisons
    - 11 notes @ 2/3 of speaking length - perfect fifth higher
    - 7 notes @ 1/2 of speaking length - one octave higher
    - 8 notes @ 1/3 of speaking length - one octave and a perfect fifth higher
    - 3 notes @ 1/4 of speaking length - two octaves higher

  • The tuned double octave rear duplex blocks cannot be fitted to a standard model D without first relocating the four adjacent hitch pins further back on the hitch plate, since there is insufficient room to position the blocks at the correct length for tunability at a double octave. The hitch pins have been relocated on the piano illustrated above.
  • The rear duplex blocks were custom machined 'in house'. They are made from brass and Electroless Nickel plated. Electroless Nickel plating can also be used to plate agraffes (ie. after the string holes have appropriately been reshaped), since it deposits with a uniform thickness. We have plated them to a thickness of 0.05 mm (2 thou'). Furthermore the plating deposit, with an as plated hardness of around 42 Rockwell C, can be heat treated to a surface hardness of over 55 C scale by heating to 240 degrees C for four hours.
  • The gilded finish on the plate has been top-coated in clear lacquer. This prevents the finish from oxidising (going dull), as happens with the OEM product.
  • The treble damper felt used on this piano is Yamaha CF


First published 4 June 2000
Last updated, 28 Nov. 2001.
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